And, we’re back!

The new, improved fivetoedsloth is reborn, again, this time, as Uncle Grouchy and his Bicycle Emporium!  Update your rss reader!

Coming soon!  Bicycle reviews!  Opinionated bloviation!  How 3 speeds are all you need!  How 7 speeds are all you need!  How to cure the common cold!  And, everyone’s favorite, Uncle Grouchy’s Gripes!

Standby to stand by….

5 responses to “And, we’re back!

  1. Are you going to keep up the post-every-27-months thing?

  2. What do you think of those new-fangled Dunlop “new matic” tyres? Will they provide relief for my stranguria and piles? Or shall I stick with the tried and true solid rubber?

  3. I’ve been standing by for nearly a year. Do I have permission to stand down?

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