3-Speed Adventure April

This post is way late.  I’m probably ineligible for fame and glory at this point.

Back in March, the infamous Shawn of Urban Adventure League fame announced a new challenge for April: Three Speed Adventure April!  There were five challenges.  Yours Truly had grand plans to complete them all in one fell swoop of an S24O.

The overall challenge consists of five different sub-challenges:

  1. Ride your three speed at least fifteen miles (25 km) in one ride.
  2. A climb of 5% or more grade, with a cumulative elevation gain of at least 100 feet (30 m).
  3. A bit of unpaved/dirt action, of at least a cumulative one half mile (1 km).
  4. Coffee outside via three speed.
  5. A bike overnight or bike camping trip by three speed.

Well, that didn’t happen.  But I did manage to squeeze out 3 of them.

On April 21st, 2017, I set out to conquer the climb from Market and 3rd, past Negley Park, to 8th, which generally has an upward pitch, and is at some points ridiculously steep.  Especially for a 40 pound 3-speed with an old fat guy astride.

The hardest bit, though, is right at the bottom.  See the little circled dip in the screenshot below.  Over the first .37 miles, it gains 100 feet in altitude.  That’s about 6% if my math isn’t too far off.

Challenge #2 complete!

Challenges 3 and 4 were completed on Sunday, April 30th.

A cozy bridge.

A little dirt.

A little grass.  I’d guess about a mile of the rough stuff, out and back.

Coffee along a little stream.  The water was boiled with a Kelly Kettle…

…and then forced through the grounds with an Aeropress…

…into a Coleman porcelain coated steel mug.

This is my favorite mug.  It’s part of a set consisting of 3 other mugs and a matching percolator.  I found them in a thrift store a few years back, still in the original box.  Those little gold Taiwan ROC stickers were on the bottom of all 5 pieces, which tells me they had never been used  Twelve worthless Americanos for the lot!

And, finally, a nice ramble home on the Collegiate.

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