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Get to know me, or something worse.

Cog, over at Driving the Flies, tagged me.  It’s one of those meme things where you answer a bunch of questions and then you tag a bunch of people and they’re supposed to answer them, too.  So, theoretically, in 45.287 days the whole world will have been tagged and everyone will know absolutely everything about all there is to know about anything at all.  I think.  Maybe.  Anyway, this is the very first time I’ve been tagged and I’m giddy as a freshman cheerleader on a date with the varsity quarterback.  (That always ends well.)

What are your current obsessions?

Right now, bicycles.  A year ago it might have been photography and bicycles, but I haven’t taken very many pictures lately.  As it turns out, most of the shutter snapping I’ve done recently has involved a bicycle at the business end of the glass.

What’s for dinner?

Pasta.  Probably some frozen veggies to go with it.  Red sauce for the grown-ups, white for the little ones who have a better grasp on reality.

What is your greatest fear at the moment?

Death.  I’m simply not ready to go, and there’s a lot yet that needs doing.

I worry that the girls will have the same problems I had as a child – picked last, picked on, picked over.  So far, they’re showing no signs of such rejection by their peers, but if they turn out to be the popular kids I just hope I can teach them not to be dicks about it.

What are you listening to?

Lots and lots of new grass and some alt country.  Abigail Washburn and Crooked Still are always welcome.  Pieta Brown is a new favorite.  I prefer a woman’s voice.  It stirs something primal.

If you were a mythological character, what would you be?

Beowulf.  Or maybe Grendel.  One of the two.  Sure, Grendel gets the pointy end of the stick in that deal, but he has a lot of fun before it’s over.

What are your favorite holiday spots?

Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina.  Pine Creek in northern Pennsylvania.  I dearly miss canoes and the Gasconade and the Ozarks.

What are you reading right now?

There’s a stack of books on the back of the can that I flip through once a day or so – a couple Linux technical references, 3 issues of Lenswork, Horenstein’s Black and White Photography, and a book about bicycle touring that mostly fluff.  I just picked up “The Boy Mechanic”, a collection of hundred-year-old articles from Popular Mechanics.  I’ll be digging in shortly.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Hulu. Having too many bicycles and nowhere to put them.  (I’m sure my wife would like to put them in a particular place.)  I haven’t had a smoke in 5 months, so I guess tobacco is out.

Who or what makes you laugh?

The girls make me laugh.  About 99% of what’s in the mainstream media loop does not make me laugh.  I used to love stand-up, but the genre isn’t funny anymore.  Even the stuff I used to laugh at isn’t funny.

A first ride on a new bike usually elicits a giggle or two.

Wheatfield makes me laugh.

What is your favorite Spring thing to do?

I like opening the windows and letting the wind blow through the house.  Evening bike rides without a headlight, since the sun’s up a bit longer, are quite nice.

Where are you planning to travel next?

Grandfather Mountain, NC at the end of the month.  Pine Creek for a week this summer, I hope.

What is the best thing you ate or drank lately?

Those crepes at the farmer’s market were heaven on a plate.

When was the last time you were tipsy?

Saturday.  Our anniversary.

What is your favorite ever film?

I’ve been rediscovering the 80s lately.  Not the leg warmers and bad music, but the stuff I liked when I was a child.  Goonies is on the list.  And some TV shows – Taxi, Cheers, Night Court.

More recent – Road to Perdition, despite the weak and shallow anti-gun sentiments.   I liked that Steve Jackson trilogy about those old books, what was it called?

What is the biggest life lesson you’ve learned from your kids?

That brutal, innocent honesty doesn’t hurt as much as we adults like to pretend.

What book do you know you should read but refuse to?

They keep telling me I need to read Shakespeare, but Hamlet was enough and I’m not going near that crap again.

What is your physical abnormity/abnormal physical ability?

I sweat way more than anyone else I know.

What is your favorite color?

Orange is the fastest color.

Can the people outside your car hear the music playing inside your car?

Not generally.  I’m very conscious of this since I despise those nincompoops in the lowered Honda Civics who insist on making me listen to their noise.

My addition:  What’s your most recent acquisition?

A 2nd generation Green Machine.  I had one, I think, as a child.  Like the ones they made back in the late 70s.  If it wasn’t mine I had a friend who let me ride his, I guess, because there are some damn fine memories upstairs of getting that thing going down a big hill and trying not to wipe out at the bottom when I jambed the levers and put it into a spin.

The rules of this meme are as follows:
– Respond to and rework the meme.
– Answer the questions on your own blog.
– Replace one question and add one question.
– Tag 8 people.

Bone, Doc, Apertome, Tarik, Jason, the Wife, Bob and Josh.  You’re it.

Twitterer 2.0

Let’s try this again.


So a couple weeks ago I sold my soul to the devil 2.0 and got a Twitter account.  Twitter Tools is now set to post a tweet whenever I publish something on the blog.

Christmas-y trees and those things on the roof

So we’re going out of town just after the great unwrapping and decided that a real tree is a bad idea this year.  (For the record, I think a real tree is a bad idea every year.)  We went to my favorite store, Joann’s Fabrics, and got a plastic tree with the lights already on it.  It’s small, light and doesn’t drop dead needles all over the house.  Looks like Bone got one, too.  His has a nifty alien on top and Kermit riding a bike.  Mine has a Wright Brothers airplane and a tuba.  I’m kinda jealous of the alien.

Two months ago I posted this little gem.  I really kicked ass for a while, too.  Then the pain started.  First my calves and knees, then the rest of me.  I thought it was a lead up to the flu.  But I didn’t have the flu, only the muscle and joint pain.

Christie made me go to a local walk-in clinic and the doctor said it might be Lyme’s.  They drew some blood and I got some nifty pain killers.  Two days later they said it wasn’t Lyme’s and that I should go see my PCP.  By then the itching, burning, god-why-won’t-it-stop rash had appeared on my left thigh.  The doc looked at it for about 2 seconds and said “Herpes mrphmrph”.  WTF!?!


“Herpes Zoster.”  At this point I’m trying real hard to figure out how to explain this to Christie.  See, if I had been sleeping around it wouldn’t be so bad.  But I wasn’t sleeping around.  So how the hell did I get Herpes whats-it-called?  Hey, maybe she’s sleeping around.  Whew.  No, wait.  That sucks more.  Oh, god, why me…..



“Shingles.  Only people who have had chicken pox can get this. It’s not generally contagious.  Just don’t let anyone who hasn’t had chicken pox touch your rash.”  No shit.

Lots of drugs later and I feel pretty much back to normal.  Needless to say, my training plan is out the window.  I also noticed that I don’t have much of a tolerance for cold and dehydration. I did, once upon a time, but I don’t anymore.  It could be worse.  Besides, I have lotsa hydrocodone left over.


Christie thinks I’m cynical. I think I’m realistic. So just to settle this once and for all, I took the test.

You Are 76% Cynical

You’re a full blown cynic… and probably even skeptical of these results.

You have your optimistic moments, but most likely you keep them to yourself.

How Cynical Are You?


I have a photoblog!

It’s here.  Navigation still needs some work, as does the “about” page.  But take a look.  I’ll try to add to it soon.

The Great Interview Experiment, Part the 2nd

Feb 20th, 2008, 2:32pm

A couple weeks ago I stumbled across a link to the Great Interview Experiment over at Driving the Flies. My interviewer was quick and delightful. You can read that one here. I, on the other hand, have been slothful. It’s taken me quite some time to get my act together and actually send off the questions to Heather. (I hope she doesn’t disown me.) She, however, has been prompt in responding. Heather was gracious enough to allow me full editorial reign to edit, adjust and massage her responses. After spending some time doing just that it became obvious that my efforts were not adding to the quality of the interview. So I’ve reverted to the original. This feels more like Heather than my chop job. Enjoy.

1. Why dky? a year ago when i started this whole fiasco, i needed a place holder for a name while i was trying to figure out how to get the damn thing set up.

i knew ~nothing~! seriously. ask any of my regulars. i’m sure they all thought i was doing pretty damn good just to be able to spell my own name.

i spent a lot of time thinking shit like ‘how do you put pictures on it?’ or ‘how do you change the colors in the back?’ and the answer was invariably ‘don’t know. yet.’ well, in the past year i’ve managed to figure some of the bare basics thanks to the help of some kick ass blog buddies. no matter how simple a thing i was having trouble with there was someone there to help me along. often times people who had just figured it out themselves. i’ve never had the privilege of hanging out with a better bunch of people.

of course they’re all fucking nuts but that’s besides the point. 😉

2. You use the word “otherworld” frequently. Can you explain why you use it the way you do? as much as i would love to take credit for this, i can’t. one of the first guys i ‘met’ here was michael from cardiac fantasies. the first time i heard ‘otherworld’ instead of ‘online’ or some other dumbass name, this made perfect sense. after all, the ‘world’ we inhabit on line is just as real and influencing as what everyone else was refering to as ‘irl’. bullshit. half the time i’m more real here than i ever am in otherworld. no matter what i need to get off my chest or what drivel, dumb ass quotes, pictures and general blather there’s bound to be someone out here listening. i can’t always say that for otherworld.

you’ve been missed michael. things just don’t seem so, uhmm, naughty, around here without you and your innuendos.

And what made you decide to use it in the first place? uhmm, can the above suffice to answer this too?

3. Favorite drink? i’m seasonal. and serial monogamist. (wow! big words!) winter favs include coffee with dr mcgillicuddy’s vanilla schnapps. hot chocolate with regular doc or cider with the captain. summertime means hard teas and lemonades. i love mojito’s and tons of lime but i have to learn how to make them at home. i never have cause i’ve only seen the big party sized shit or a bottle that will either last me the next 5 years or kill me in the next 6 months. i can’t afford that amount of temptation in the house. (i’m an alcoholic to boot)

4. Why did you start blogging? lol, the answer to that should be obvious after my previous answers. i’m in need of some, well not major, but yeah, 6 months of weekly therapy sessions wouldn’t be a bad guess i think.

5 a. How’s life in the cube farm treating you? no complaints from here. i’ve been there for 6 months and just got my second raise without having to take on added responsibilities. i enjoy the job itself for the most part and i work with a good group of people. we’re all pretty casual. professional but casual. i think it’s a good fit.

b. What, exactly, do you do? amazingly enough, the same woman who couldn’t figure out how to write a ‘post?’ does tech support. even more amazing, i do tech support for a navigational device. while a paper bag won’t stop me, a block or two from 2 or 3 well known roads… somebody better send a damn search party if cheeks isn’t with me. thank god she’s like her dad. they both have their own internal gps systems. i’d be afraid for someone from child protective services to find out just how many times i’ve had to rely on my daughter to get us to somewhere i could get home from. since she was old enough to scream ‘turn that way mommy’ and later on, do you want to drive around for a while or do you want to know the right way home? (fucking smart ass kid! great, she got the fucking gps from daddy and the really amazingly selfish, bitchy, and negligent attitude from her mother. i wish that woman would get her shit together. )

*edited during linking, holy shit! did you guys know you can add more than one picture at a time!*

*frightening isn’t it?*

c. If you could do anything you wanted for a living, what would it be and why? ~anything~ ???




i’d sit on my ass and watch tv with my kid. or mess around on the computer. or do things like go to the zoo or a park. i live 4 miles from the lake. i went ~twice~ last year. that’s it.

i have a seven year old daughter who hardly knows who her mother is.

in an odd, gender reversed, maybe not always law abiding, way, j and i are the all american family as depicted by the likes of norman rockwell. no wonder we’re a bit off. lol.

6 a. You’ve mentioned your own depression a few times. Can you elaborate on that? i’ve suspected for years that i am clinically depressed. giving birth seems to have clinched

it for me. i haven’t actually gone to see a professional though. it’s easier to remain detached and kinda sleep through life.

b. How do you deal with it, and how do you think it affects the people in your life?

while i’m fully aware that j and cheeks are both shortchanged by my detachment i have yet to take a strong, pro-active step in the right direction. i tend to make half-hearted attempts on an irregular basis instead. winter time is the worst. i don’t remember the last winter i went through that didn’t have me thinking of holing up in some distant apartment with the cats until the sun started shining again.

c. How does your mother fit into this? this is definitely a learned behavior on some fronts. i learned it from one of the best. on top of it she is a manipulative, conniving ‘oh poor little me’ pain in the fucking ass. and i can’t deal with her shit, my shit, my husband’s (bi-polar) shit and still hold it together enough to do cheeks justice as a parent and not continue this vicious cycle. sad to say, both of my sister’s have been caught in the cross fire here too. i haven’t been there for either of them the way a sister, forget about the oldest, should be.

7. Favorite movie? right this minute? how about a music video instead? right now it’s staind doing ‘outside’ w/ fred durst and aaron lewis. 20 minutes ago it was seether and amy lee singing ‘broken’. as for movies, i was checking out the netflix que earlier. i can’t wait to see ‘howl’s moving castle’ again. ‘pcu’ is in my que too. also an old fav along with ‘the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy’. tons of stuff. the job with the single best perks i’ve ever had was at a video store while i was pregnant with cheeks. free movies and an excuse to sit on my ass and eat. 🙂 i ~loved~ being pregnant. i don’t think i’ve been truly happy for more than a few days, or hours, at a time.

8 a. How long has it been since you’ve had a cigarette? now here’s the part where i either tell a bald-faced lie and let the guilt slowly eat at me or i just say fuck it and tell the truth.

2 minutes ago.

b. Do you still have cravings and, if so, how do you handle them?

i light one up.

9. I measure my own coffee intake in pots per day. How much do you drink? on a work day i take a full pot with me in a thermos and a full travel mug. and i usually gulp down a cup before i leave the house. and a pot after work shared with j. on a day off though the two of us go through 6 or 7 pots easy.

10. Favorite 80s hair band? this is a tough one. it all depends on my mood. i loved everything from air supply to kiss to bon jovi. for hair bands though, i’d probably say def leppard. ‘pour some sugar on me’ is an all time fav. along with a bunch of there other stuff. i got into ratt too though. or poison.

man, what a good/bad decade that was. 🙂 i’ve been watching freeks and geeks. i wish i had checked it out a bit more before adding it to the que. they only made one season. that sucks.

And there it is, folks. Heather and I are more alike than she’d probably care to admit (other than our taste in music). Hell, anyone who knows me wouldn’t admit to being even remotely similar. Here’s to a lot more dky!

Comments 3

1. heather wrote:

boy, i swear a lot don’t i? and it seems to me that you would be the one not wanting to admit to the similarities. 🙂
Posted 22 Feb 2008 at 6:50 am ¶ ≡ Edit
2. Tera wrote:

Scott, that was a fantastic interview! I definitely learned a thing or two about my friend Heather! 🙂 Awesome questions!
Posted 26 Feb 2008 at 11:54 am ¶ ≡ Edit
3. admin wrote:

Heather – you don’t swear any more than I do. Though you might do it more frequently through your keyboard…… 🙂

Tera – thanks for stopping by. I’m glad that I could out some of those skeletons in Heather’s closet. 😉
Posted 28 Feb 2008 at 9:39 am ¶ ≡ Edit

Looks like I’m somebody

So I was surfing the ether earlier today and ended up over at Cog’s place, you know, because I don’t have anything better to do. His latest is a nifty write-up about The Great Interview Experiment. Check it out. Basically, you post a comment and the person who posted just before you did is your interviewer. The next person to post is your interviewee. I signed up and shortly thereafter got a nice list of questions from Peeved Michelle. Looks like Cog’s interview is taking a couple days, whereas mine took precisely one email exchange. He must be slow. Here goes.

1. Why did you start this blog and is the reason different from what keeps you blogging today?
I started the blog with grand intentions. Novelettes, sappy stories about the girls and how I applied what I learned to some other aspect of my life, technical how-to documentation about bike repair and photography, etc. But all that takes effort, so it’s pretty much a semi-daily core dump at this point.

2. I noticed that in your cycling logs, that your daily rides show some variation – 1.7 miles one day, 5.4 miles another day. Why do your rides vary so drastically? Where do you go?
Low mileage rides are to somewhere specific, like our oldest daughter’s school or the grocery store. Anything over 3 miles tends to be a ride I’ve set aside some time for. 5 or 6 miles rides are loops, usually, around the neighborhood, to the park, and exploring streets I’ve not ridden before. Anything over 10 is a “long” ride for me. These are usually reserved for the weekends when the weather is nice. I’ll try to get out of town and take in some scenery.

3. How long have you been a stay-at-home dad? (SAHD in message board speak. I’m a WOHM.) What did you do before that? How long do you plan to stay home? What does your wife do? Is it unfair that I count all those as one question?
I’ve been a SAHD for about a year. (“Mr. Mom” does not offend me, and I use it in conversation frequently.) Prior to that, in reverse chronological order – technical support for a gigantic, impersonal corporation; I sold shoes for an internet retailer; I was a carpenter; a PDQ delivery driver for an auto parts distributor; a sign maker; a sailor; and my first real job ever was loading boats onto trucks. My wife, Christie, got an education, does something I don’t understand with Oracle and databases, and generally pulls down a lot more than I ever will. And no, your question is not unfair. 🙂

4. I looked at the map on your About page. You have been to a lot of states! What is your favorite travel experience in one of those states?
Not sure that this is my favorite, but it’s certainly one of the most memorable.

Back in the summer of ’94 I was riding my motorcycle from San Antonio, Texas to Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri via Piggott, Arkansas. About 12 miles west of Hope (boyhood home of President William JeffersonClinton!), and on a Saturday evening about 6pm, in the pouring rain, I threw the master link on my chain. A very nice gentleman stopped and gave me a ride into town. After determining that the nearest bike shop was 45 miles away, about to close, and didn’t have the part I needed anyway, I got a hotel room and called a towing company to pick my bike up off the freeway. Then I called my Grandfather to let him know I’d be late and my Dad answered the phone! Dad arrived in Grandpa’s pickup 6 hours later. We drove back to Piggott after sleeping in until the hotel kicked us out. Dad went home to Ft. Leonard Wood later that day and I stayed overnight to visit a local bike shop. They had the part and I was on the road within an hour. So I spent about $50 each on a hotel room and a tow, quite a bit more to put gas in my Grandfather’s pickup from Piggott to Hope and back, plus meals for me and my Dad. And I lost a day and a half. The part I needed? One dollar.

5. Which state do you want to go to the most that you haven’t already visited? Why?
Alaska. I have wanderlust. Bad. And Alaska is pretty much it for anything even remotely resembling a frontier. I’d like to spend about a year there taking pictures.

6. Where do you live? Is it where you grew up or someplace else? If it is someplace else, how does it compare to where you grew up? (If you would rather not reveal that, you can answer the following question instead. Have you ever tried green onion dip? I read that you are a fan of the French onion.)
I live near Harrisburg, PA. We live here because my wife’s family is nearby. Most of my family is from the mid west, and I grew up there more often than not. Dad was a soldier, so we moved a lot, and I can’t really say where I’m from. It’s more a state of mind, as opposed to a physical location. Other than a few little differences, like the impossible chain of red tape just to get a PA driver’s license, people are pretty much the same here as they are everywhere else. And for a “blue state”, PA is rather restrictive. MO (a nasty red state) was much more liberal. I had to go only to the supermarket for groceries, beer and liquor. Here, it’s the supermarket for groceries, the beer distributor for beer, and the state store for wine. My debit card gets a workout.

7. What is the single best piece of advice you have to give a new parent?
Get fixed, like, now. Seriously, don’t sweat it. I spent a lot of time worrying about how I would handle this or that. It turns out that shit happens and you just deal with it because you have to. You’ll be an expert within the week.

8. A few of your posts and your blog tagline allude to photography but your blog seems to be much more about cycling. How much is photography a part of your life?
Photography has been a big part of my life for quite a few years, but it has taken a back seat to cycling lately. I tend to focus on one dead horse at a time. I’ll get bored with writing about the bikes sooner or later.

9. If you carried around a bag with $10,000 worth of photography equipment in it, would you remind everyone how much the contents are worth so often that your sister-in-law swears she will punch you in the face the next time you do it? (Sorry, maybe a little bit of my own life sneaking in there…)
Ha, ha! No. I’d be afraid that someone might steal it. My camera bag currently has about $5,000 worth in it. At least, the stuff cost that much back in 1984. I paid well under a grand for it a few months ago. One of the benefits of digital photography is that the film cameras I love are dirt cheap.

10. What is your biggest peeve?
Repetitive noise – That rattle in the trunk, the 37th verse of “Ring Around the Rosie”, rap music. Being a Dad, I’ve learned that I can tune it out for a while. But it’s kinda like a mental credit card. And the interest is a bitch.

Thanks for reading my drivel. Much appreciated.

Thanks again, Michelle. And I will try the green onion dip. Sounds yummy.

Hide your children

I guess I should catch up on mileage. I’ve lost track of my exact routes, so I’m guessing (probably within 1/2 mile) on some of these. I’ll be conservative (don’t tell Knarf) and round down.

January 28: 1.7
January 27: 2.6
January 26: 5
January 25: 4.5
Annual mileage: 118.8 (I suck)
Miles to go: 4881.2

Elementary, my dear

Looks like I ought to be writing books for children.

cash advance

My good friends Doug and Jostein are a bit more up to your level, I’m sure.