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New Year’s Resolutions – 2011

It’s about time for me to discuss all the crap I’m going to half-ass and then quit over the next 12 months.  Let’s start with the easy stuff.

My first resolution is the same as everyone else’s.  Be 20 years old and have six-pack abs.  Well.  Lose weight and get more exercise.  That’s fairly broad, so I’ll narrow it down a bit.  His Boniusness laid out a pretty good plan.  Every week I should lose a pound and cycle at least 35 miles.  This is manageable and practical.  I’m too embarrassed to tell you what I weigh right now but I’ve already lost my first pound by eating mostly fat and leaves.  However, 5 days into 2011 and I haven’t thrown a leg over a bike.  Looks like I need to go for a ride or 4.

Complete the GOTCHA Mega-multi Challenge.  This one’s in the bag, folks.  The Engineer and I are more than half-way there.

Go bike camping more.  I went once each year in 2008 and 2009.  Last year was better – at least thrice.  2011 should host at least 6 S24O events.

Add at least 6 passes to my Pass Hunting score.

Meet some other bike bloggers in person.  This could happen.  Train ride to Bahst’n, anyone?

I’d like to learn how to do something new.  Not a hobby, but a skill.  This should be something I’ve never done before, but not something that takes all my time and energy.  I don’t have clue what this might be, but when I figure it out you’ll be the second to know.

Ride a century.  Now we’re getting ambitious.  Let’s start by defining “century” – ride at least 100 miles within a 24 hour period.  I have no desire to ride an organized century, so you’ll have to take my word for it.

Go on an epic ride.  Cyclists like to use the word “epic” a lot.  To me an “epic” ride should be worthy of the written word.  While we can plan a gazillion miles over rough terrain, it’s not epic unless there are unplanned events along the way.  In other words, an epic adventure can’t be scripted.  We can play only a small part and then some other shit just happens.  We’ll see if it’s the kind of shit that makes an epic.

Peace, love and go ride a bike.  Happy 2011 everybody!

Tried and liked – 2010

Per the annual iBOB tradition, it’s the Tried-and-Liked list for 2010.

  1. Geocaching – The engineer got me into this.  It’s all his fault.  Then he went and gave me a premium membership.  And the wife gave me a snazzy new GPS device for Christmas with a handlebar mount.  It’s like they don’t want me to stay home.
  2. Low trail geometry – I’ve had front loads on bikes before.  I’ve had relatively heavy front loads on bikes.  Case of beer, etc.  I’ve wrestled poor handling bikes home from the liquor store.  Then I put a VO Porteur rack on a Nishiki International.  72 degree head angle and 63mm fork offset.  This translates to about 40mm of geometric trail, or whatever it’s called.  Heavy loads no longer require wrestling.
  3. Park TS-8 – This replaced a borrowed Performance truing stand.  The TS-8 only does one side of the wheel at a time, but it’s accurate and build quality is top notch.
  4. Bicycle Quarterly and “The Golden Age of Handbuilt Bicycles”.  Jan Heine has outdone himself.  Bravo!
  5. Tree Fort Bikes.  They have, more or less, replaced Jenbar as my go-to online bike parts supplier.
  6. Motorcycling.  After a 5 year absence, I’m back, baby!  Hide your teenage daughters.
  7. Toplight Line Plus dynamo taillight.  This is, by far, the best taillight I’ve ever used.  Seriously, if you don’t have a dynamo lighting system, get one.  Batteries are for suckers.
  8. Schwalbe Delta Cruisers.  I haven’t really put too many miles on these yet, but who doesn’t like creme tires?

Not a bad year.  Nothing spectacular, but not bad.